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A repository for fellow PIPS™ users and those wishing to become familiar with the published manuscripts that are changing paradigms in traditional endodontic thinking. Become an informed clinician scientist! Read the literature and come up with your own conclusions.

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Updated regularly, the Media collection is your source for animations and movies to download, learn from and incorporate into your own presentations. Just remember to give credit to the originator of the material please.


Take a look at documented clinical cases from colleagues around the globe using PIPS™ and see how minimally invasive endodontics retains tooth structure while improving pulpal debridement and microbial elimination.

Welcome to everything PIPS™!

Excited by the prospect of enhancing your endodontics by laser-activated disinfection with PIPS™?

After 10 years of development, the next generation of laser enhanced endodontics has arrived. Using the energy from a laser to deliver non-ablative photoacoustic shockwaves throughout the root canal system, bacteria and organic debris are quickly eliminated. Do not be mistaken; PIPS™ is a non-thermal event, in contrast to other endodontic laser techniques that melt dentin.

This is the place to read all the latest publications on the benefits of PIPS™

PIPS™ case of the month from Dr. Enrico Di Vito

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We are proud of the cases our PIPS™ docs share with us. You can see evidence of the incredible power of PIPS™ laser-activated irrigation in these inspirational Cases.

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  • Journal of Endodontics
    Elimination of Intracanal Tissue and Debris through a Novel Laser-activated System Assessed Using High-resolution Micro–computed Tomography: A Pilot Study.
  • Journal of Endodontics
    Disinfection of Root Canals with Photon-initiated Photoacoustic Streaming.
  • The Journal of the American Dental Association
    Disinfection efficacy of photon-induced photoacoustic streaming on root canals infected with Enterococcus faecalis An ex vivo study.
  • Lasers in Medical Science
    Effectiveness of the erbium:YAG laser and new design radial and stripped tips in removing the smear layer after root canal instrumentation
  • Journal of Laser Dentistry
    The Photoacoustic Efficacy of an Er:YAG Laser.
  • Endodontic Practice
    Efficacy of photon induced photoacoustic streaming (PIPS) on root canals infected with Enterococcus faecalis
  • General Dentistry
    Minimally invasive biomimetic endodontics: the future is here.
  • roots (USA)
    Laser in endodontics.

Meet the Inventor of PIPS™

Dr. Enrico Di Vito is in private practice, at the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry, Scottsdale, and is a clinical associate professor teaching at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Mesa, Arizona. He can be reached at (480) 990-1905 or at

Dr. Enrico Di Vito Inventor

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